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Small Town Famous Live Taping September 29th and 30th
Crowd Funding!!!

After 22 Years of doing Stand-Up Comedy Chris Bennett is filming his first ever Stand-Up Comedy Special Titled "Small Town Famous" September 29th and 30th and the Pinedale Community Center in Pinedale, AZ.  To raise money for production costs for the special, Chris is doing a Crowd Funding Campaign.  Look Below for all the ways you can help!!! Thanks Best Friends!!!!!


Crowd Funding Tiers


VIDEO GREETING FROM CHRIS - Chris will record a video wishing someone happy birthday, happy anniversary, or pretty much anything you want him to say ... as long as it's appropriate for cable TV. Chris will also post it on his social media, if you'd like.


HANGING W/CHRIS - Chris will come to your house or business for an event. You get 30 minutes with Chris to hang out, make jokes, sing songs ... pretty much whatever you want that's PG-13 rated.


BUTT DANCE - Chris will arrive at a location of your choosing in his famous 'butt dance jeans' and do a singing telegram, or spice up a birthday party or corporate event for up to 30 mins.


BROKINI CHRIS - Chris will show up to your house and do your chores for 30 minutes in his Brokini. This is not for swingers ... unless you wanna pay $1000!


THE BIGGEST ONE - Only 2 out of 5 spots for this BIGGEST ONE left! You will be credited as a Producer on Small Town Famous. Your name will be listed in the credits under Producer. Also! You get 2 VIP seats the LIVE recording (they are padded seats and in front row). AND, as a producer, you get to be one of the first few people to see the special.

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